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Just a quick update. I'm currently at the beach with the in-laws. Today I am thankful for the amazing support system. It's bigger and stronger than I knew. I have more family and friends on my side than I knew I had. I am also very grateful for my in-laws. They have taken me in from the beginning. They have been there for me when my family can't be, since we're so spread out these days. I'm thankful for the lovely beach house they have paid for this week. I'm really lucky! They really are amazing! They don't impose, cause drama or try to tell me what to do. I love my second family. I'm grateful for my Layla. Yes she drives me crazy sometimes but she will always be my girl. She keeps me on my toes and has changed my life. I love her to pieces. I'm thankful for being her mom. Lastly, I'm soooo thankful for Gareth. He has been amazing awesome and so supportive over the past 3 months. He had been by my side, held my hand, been a shoulder to cry on, pushed me when I really needed it, and just been there when I needed him the most. I love him so much and am very thankful to have him in my life.

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