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Looks like I have a case of the Mondays :p

I just realized I never posted after I said I would. eh, whatever. Not much to say really.

Layla's 4th birthday was Sept 3rd. It was great, until I got this great idea to go to the park. She loves that park so I thought it would be fun. It was, until it was time to go home. She was running down a hill, showing us how she could run so fast and not fall. The 3rd time she fell and said "I have a bug on my knee!" I looked, it was a freaking fish hook!!! She freaks out, I freak out a bit. Gareth picks her up and we're looking at it. I see if I can get it out, but the damn thing was really in there! There was NO way I could have gotten it out. Off to Urgent Care we go. The first doctor, a lady, had a hard time numbing it cuz Layla jerked away and screamed after the first needle poke. She had to get a male nurse to hold Layla's leg and finally got enough stuff in to numb it. Then she tries rocking it around and trying to pull it out, exactly what I was doing! Layla was so brave. I stood by her head, stroked her hair and tried my best to keep her calm. I also tried to keep her from seeing all the needles and stuff. Lady dr doesn't know what to do, at one point she gets a scalpel and I have a moment where I freak out thinking they are going to cut it out! I did not want to see that part! Luckily she gets the other dr, Dr. Stewart, I've seen him before, he's an amazing doctor. He takes a bigger needle, puts it in the hole on top of the hook and the 2nd time both the needle and hook slide right out! Yay!! She gets a bandage and a prescription for antibiotics for 7 days. She hated the meds and cried every single time she had to take them! That was fun :p Now we have a great story to tell about her 4th birthday and a souvenir. Gah!

Now for the recent stuff:

Saturday morning Gareth got a call from his mom saying his grandfather had passed away. In August he was diagnosed w/ cancer and refused treatment. He quickly declined. He's been "on the way out" for a couple weeks. He was barely eating, very weak and called for a priest many times. (Nothing like religion to make you scared and feel guilty while you're dieing, no?) He passed away in his sleep Saturday morning. I think everybody was glad that it was over, no more suffering and everybody had time to accept that it was going to happen. Yesterday I dropped Gareth off at the airport to fly to Ireland with is parents. His siblings didn't go because they all went a couple weeks ago. I admit it, I was an emotional mess yesterday. Actually, it started Saturday evening. I'm horrible with goodbyes!!! I always have been. As a kid, when I would have to tell my uncle goodbye (he moved 3 hrs away) I would always cry! A few years ago when I went to visit my sister in Rhode Island, at the airport I cried. I'm a big sap and very sensitive. Goodbyes make me cry. Gareth and I have been together way more in the past 13 years than we have been apart. After so many years it makes me very very sad when we are apart for long periods of time. Saturday night, just thinking about him leaving made me cry. At the airport, we hugged, I cried, he told me not to cry, hugged me again, then kissed me and I said goodbye then got in the car and left. I didn't even tell my MIL goodbye, I was too emotional. When we drove off, Layla was sad, I distracted her and we went home. Last night was rough, I barely slept. Layla woke up crying. At first she said she had a bad dream, She stopped crying for a minute then started again. She cried so hard, she could barely talk. She tried to say sorry. Eventually I told her to come to my bed, we cuddled a minute. I held her like I use to hold her when she was a baby. I sang her a song, she finally calmed down and went back to sleep. I know why she was so upset. She missed her daddy! The first thing she said when we woke up this morning was "Is daddy here?" It's going to be a long week. He come back on Sunday. I have to keep her distracted, keep telling her he wont be gone long and he'll be home soon all while trying to keep myself together. I sound like a big baby and it really annoys me because I try to be one of those strong women. I come from a long line of very strong willed women, I try to be like that myself. Most of the time I am, until my emotions take over. I'm just too damn sensitive. I hate when I let people see me being weak. Any ways, I'm just really tired today and that's making me cranky. I've got a few things to do today and some people to talk to but I'm just not in the mood to deal with things. I just want to sit around and sulk. I wish I could but I know I can't. Hopefully I get a better nights sleep and get to talk to the hubby soon. Never mind my whining :p


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Oct. 8th, 2013 08:26 am (UTC)
Just think how happy you'll be when he returns!

And you get to see me!
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